Custom Office Cabinets - Burl Veneer This was one of the most interesting projects we’ve done … It started as a desire by the homeowner to have office cabinets in the home. They wanted several features: 1) contrast from panel to door frame 2) Beaded Frames and inset doors 3) Granite Tops 4) Burl Veneer Panels

The Contrast was primarily acheived through having Cherry Door Frames and Burl Panels.

The Beaded Frames added ‘old-world’ charm to the cabinets giving a furniture look.

Beautiful Granite Tops add an elegant balance to the room.

The Burl Veneers are a story all by itself…see below.

The Burl Veneers (Carpathian Elm) changed how the cabinets were designed. Normally Cabinets are designed so that the doors are a certain size proportioned not too large – not too skinny. The Burl Veneer Panels changed that because it’s like designing cabinets around ‘works of art’. To further complicate, the veneers have to be done first then the veneers are evaluated to see how best to incorporate them into the Cabinets – it’s like working backwards. The panels are laid out on tables and mock panels made from scrap wood are pre-cut to form a ‘scenario’. The scrap wood panels are then laid out on the veneers to see the best way to incorporate them. On this job … it was found that changing several of the door sizes to larger-than-normal was the best way to display the beauty of the veneers we had. If this sounds complicated – it was … but it was also an enjoyable & challenging work.
Steve laying out Burl Veneer Steve cutting Veneer
cutting veneer Panels done
Panels completed Test Panel in Door
Above are the Veneers that have been applied to the substrate A completed door with the Panel inserted
Beaded Inset Doors
Drawers have Blum Brand Drawer Glides Custom Office Cabinets with Inset Doors
burled veneer doors custom Custom Office Cabinets
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