Project: Iron Spindle Replacement, Handrail Replacement, Stain & Finish Work
Spindles: Hammered Bar with Combination of Single & Double Sphere Balusters
Pattern: One Single Sphere – Two Double Spheres then repeat

Spindle Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze
Handrail Profile: No. 6710
Stain Color: Custom
Comments: When this customer told me that they wanted to change the handrail in addition to the spindles – I frankly didn’t get it. Their old handrail looked fine and was a decent profile. The lady of the house looked at several profiles and settled on 6710 profile which is a style that we haven’t sold before and was on the more uncommon side. It wasn’t until I saw one of the finished handrails that was ready to send out to be installed that I went, “WOW” … The stain collected in the crevasse of this rail’s profile and created a glazing effect. I was so impressed that I have started recommended this profile.
Metal Spindle Replacement Wood Spindles replaced with Metal ones
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